Mesh Shade Covers

A mesh shade structure is a great way to revitalize the look and ambiance of your outdoor space. We offer mesh shade structure products manufactured by Custom Canopies Inc. that can achieve up to 90% shading and 20% ventilation. Free-standing covers are great for outdoor spaces such as restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, playgrounds, and more.

You can choose from a variety of free-standing cover options, including umbrellas, shade sails, T-bars, semi-cantilever, full cantilever, and several different designed canopies.

You can select from a wide range of different color options, all of which will provide you with varying UV ray protection levels.

All of our steel posts & frames have a powder coated paint finish.

Mesh covers are great for reducing heat exhaustion and fatigue for those that are sitting outside your establishment or home. The innovative functionality and design that Custom Canopies structures deliver will elevate your outdoor environments entire ambiance and scene.

All Custom Canopy shade structures have a 10yr fabric life and a 25-year warranty on steel components. These canopy structures can cool off any outdoor environment by up to 25 degrees; you also won’t have to worry about your canopy stretching, fraying, sagging, or ripping.

Mesh canopy options offered by Custom Canopies Inc. and Installed by Continental products:

Steel-Framed Mesh Canopies

  • Blocks up to 94% of UV Rays
  • Provides up to 90% Shading
  • Provides 20% Air Ventilation
  • 8 Year Manufacture Warranty (Proven to last 12+ years)


Hip Roofs • Mutli-Hip Roofs • Full-Cantilever • Semi-Cantilever • T-Bar • Hexagonal


Center Post • Cantilever • Retractable


Hypar • Triangular • Multi-Configuration

Verifiable Quality & Results

When integrating free-standing covers into your existing property structure, you must consider more than just how it looks. While aesthetic value is extremely important, you want to make sure that all of the practical aspects related to functionality, safety, comfort, and efficiency are tangible in your building application. To accomplish this, study your customers actions, learn what makes them interested in more of the products or services that you offer. By analyzing these specific elements of your business, you will be able to make a decision about which free-standing cover will be best for the particular outdoor atmosphere and environment you are trying to create.

Everything always sounds good on paper, however, in the real world it’s often times a lot different. That’s why we make it a priority to stay with you throughout all stages of the process to ensure you achieve the exact results you desire.

Don’t waste another minute contemplating whether you should upgrade your outdoor space’s total appearance. Contact Continental Products today!

Complies with State Regulations

The Arizona Department of Health Services states, “A licensee shall provide a shaded area for each child occupying an outdoor activity area at any time of the day” (Rule # R9-5-604-F). It’s only a matter of time until the state starts “cracking down” on licensees that do not comply with all the regulations.

Attractive to Parents

What parent wouldn’t like the fact that their child is being protected from the sun while playing outdoors? The harmful effects from the sun have become more and more of a concern for parents. FACT: “Children get 80% of their total lifetime sun exposure by the time they turn 18. Consequently, a child born in 1999 has one in five risk of developing skin cancer.” Show the parents that you are taking preventative measures to ensure the safety of their children.

More Outside Activities

Because these custom canopies provide up to 90% shading and protect up to 94% of the harmful UV rays, the children can be outside for longer periods of time and more often. Children love to be outside . . . and when the children are happy, the caretakers are happy!

No Maintenance

Unlike other building materials, these canopies are absolutely maintenance free! The support columns are galvanized (which eliminates rust problems) and this special fabric is mold proof, hail proof, and can withstand up to 90 mph winds!

For more information about the product or statistics stated above, please call 520-792-9346.

About Our Special Fabric

Fabric Features

  1. Protects up to 94% of Harmful Ultra-Violet rays
  2. Provides up to 90% Shading
  3. Provides 20% Hot Air Ventilation
  4. Withstands up to 90 MPH Winds
  5. Thread is double woven in Fabric
  6. One-Way Stretch vs. Two-way
  7. Virtually Maintenance Free

The Benefits

  1. Dramatically Reduces sunburns and long-term skin damage
  2. Cools down the intense hot sun by up to 35 degrees
  3. Eliminates heat trapping underneath the canopy
  4. No need to worry about Tucson’s high winds
  5. Won’t rip, tear or fray…Even when cut
  6. Will not sag over time